Reg Name: GCH Beldachs’ Vivacious Valadon V Dachsadore SL
Sire: DCH Beldachs’ Umber Ulrich
Dam:  CH Beldachs’ Rosee Robiquet
Whelped:  8/12/2012

Call Name:  Vivi

Achievements:  5 Point Major Win at MetWash Show (Summer 2014); Finished on 3/21/2015 with 4 Point Major in Edison, NJ and a 5 Point Major Win at the Wine Country Specialty Show on September 26, 2015.



Pedigree of “Vivi “

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents
SIRE: DCH Beldachs’ Umber Ulrich Beldachs’ Oliver O’Keeffe  CH Merritudox OC Dandy Reveur
 CH Beldachs’ Meri Amour D’Ami
 CH Beldachs’ Starlight Sisley CH Twelfth Night One More Thing
 CH Beldachs’ Nouveau Narjot
DAM: GCH Beldachs’ Rosee Robiquet  CH Twelfth Night One More Thing  CH Twelfth Night Reap Wild Wind
 CH Twelfth Night M’L’N’IUM Mystery
 Stonebridge Santa Fe Siddach JE CH Dachshire Arc Angel
 CH Siddachs Nightingale